October Favourites

Hi all,

I decided that this would be the perfect first post on the blog. October was a month in which I tried a lot of new things. But also a month when I re-discovered some of the treasures I had lying around.

Let me start with a food favorite: I started my day with a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Sometimes  I spiced it up with a grapefruit. 🙂

1) The Sleek MakeUp brow kit: I’ve tried a few brow products but it seems that the one that I turned to most often was this one. It has a wonderful color (not to dark, not to fair, not to red) that stays on. I must admit that I only used the powder side. Using the whole thing seems a bit to extreme for me. I don’t like my brows to be the focus center of my face.

2) The Garnier BB cream: I’ve started this morning routine. I have my coffee, watch the weather forecast for the day (I know… so grandma like) and do my face, as I like to say. But I don’t want to apply heavy make-up. And using a BB cream seems to be the perfect solution. It gives me some coverage and evens my skin. So it’s my face….but better 🙂

3) Maybelline ColorSensational in 250 Mystic Mauve: I love the way it feels, looks, smells. I would say it even gives you a bit of confidence.

4) Swiss O-PAR: the perfect hair mask I’ve tried until now.  The one in the picture is with honey. But they vary. I love how my hair feels like after I use it. I don’t have tangle issues, it smells amazing, it feels super nice to the touch.

5) Rimmel 60 Seconds nail polish: I love this nude color first of all. And I also love the fact that it dries super fast. I’m one of those people who does her nails and then remembers to do her hair or get something out of my bag.  But this one just does what it says. By the time I’ve finished one hand the other one is dry. So yeeeyyyyy Rimmel.

6) Bebe young care face cream: I was looking for a hydrating face cream that would not make my face oily or make me break out. This one does the trick for me. I use it as a day cream. Sometime I even apply it before bed (depending on how dry my face is). And it does the job. My face feels amazing. It’s hydrated, it’s soft. I can’t really describe it.

So this would be my top 6 favorite products for October.

I wish you all a lovely night/day, wherever you are.

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