You…but better

Hi all,

I swear my posts will vary!!! But as it turns out today I have one about 2 beauty products which I absolutely adore and could not decide on one!!!! So I had to talk about both. One is a lip product and one is a bath product. They both make you feel all giddy about yourself.

So let’s start with the bath one. Since we, in Timisoara, do not have Lush anymore, I’ve been searching for something similar. And…tadam!!! I finally found it! DM (drogerie markt) has some awesome stuff.  The one in the picture is cocoa flavored!!(I mean who doesn’t love cocoa smelling products??? ) and I’ve also tried the strawberry one. You just crumble half of it in your bath. And the magic begins to happen. Once you’ve soaked a bit, your skin is left super smooth and nice smelling! But be careful not to add to much as it might leave your skin a bit oily.  Other than that….put on a candle and enjoy your bath!!!

The other product is a lip balm from Sephora.(I could not find it on the Romanian website so I added the .com one 🙂 but I assure you that you can find it in stores)  It comes in different colors but I decided to get the berry one “Soda Pop”. Besides the fact that it smells amazing (you just wanna eat it) it makes your lips feel super smooth without making them greasy. It’s not necessarily the cheapest lip balm. But the quality of it!!!!! What I like about it is that you can even build up the color. If you just go smooth over your lips it’s just a small hint of color. Just like your lips, but better. And if you go over it a few times you can even use it for going out.

So, that being said…keep an eye out for the next post!

I wish you all a lovely night/day, wherever you are.

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